Sabah Plane Watching club activity

If you can have a Bird Watching Society, why not a Plane Watching Society?

Go to the 4th beach (still popularly known as the 3rd beach) at Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu and before the turning into the sea, at least at daytime during the weekends you’re sure to see quite a few cars parked right next to the perimeter of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA).

They are there for at least one reason: watching planes taking off and touching down at KKIA. I must say the location is absolutely perfect since:

  • You are very close to the action: the planes land right in front of your eyes – you see the smoking tyres and everything. They take off slightly further away, but still close enough to see clearly.
  • There are plenty of places to park your car under the shade.
  • The place is right next to the sea, so you get to enjoy the sea breeze while plane watching.
  • Ice cream vendors come once so often: enjoy the planes while eating your ice cream!
  • Planes take off and touch down frequently: I would say I saw at least 10 planes in in action in about 1 hour one weekend from around 11 am to 12 pm.

Enterprising traders can even be seen setting up food and drink booths there.

Here are two junior members of the club in action (video):

YouTube Preview Image

6 thoughts on “Sabah Plane Watching club activity

  1. Very Interesting.
    Last time in Subang Airport, there is a spot where people can nicely have makan and watch planes take off and landing. Since they moved to KLIA / Sepang area not much happenings anymore.
    I wonder if there is a spot in KLIA?

  2. you better take more videos and pictures of the existing control tower as it will be demolished soon. a new and slightly short control tower is being erected nearby. these pictures of the present control tower will be a hot possesion for antique collectors

  3. lol… macam ini pun boleh ka..? :D sabahan really know how to enjoy them self. ya, plane watching society is a good idea. the airport facility upgrade allows more bigger plane such as Airbus 380 to land or big military air cargo plane.

    problem might be occurs if the airport authority don’t allow such activities to happen due to some security reason.

  4. maybe I shud lepak there n start selling some kacang, drinks etc. Probably goes 3G wireless live blogging ..hahahaha. that would be cool.

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