Miracle at Keningau: The Virgin Mary appeared?

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Update 19th June

Ms Elizabeth Luan, in her comment in mrbadak.com’s blog post about this datestamped 18th June, 12.36pm said:

It is quite interesting to know that there are still many non-believers out there. I have visited the place and took some picture of the cross. I was skeptical but when I saw some more picture that looked like our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, I was astonished. I have interviewed the lady who was the first person who saw the cross on the coconut leaf. I find it quite interesting because she was not a Christian and her husband was paralysed. But she has been praying and one day a voice (male) asked her to look up. And there she saw the cross! From then onwards, her paralysed husband can now walk and they all converted to Christian. I dont know about you all, but I do believe her story and I have recorded it. Hopefully, I will be able to burn it to cd so that I can distribute to all who are interested to know how actually it has started. And for those who said the cross was caused by bugs or insects, can you please tell what insect/bug that is so intelligent to create a cross on a coconut tree? It will be interesting to know.

It is yet to be confirmed whether she’s talking about the event at Kg Ulu Patikang or at Kg Masak, since the New Sabah Times’ report on 11th June said that she’s a Catholic (I am assuming Catholics are also considered Christians) and did not say anything about the state of the lady’s husband’s health, except that he’s an odd-job worker.

New Sabah Times carried a further report on 11th June: it said that thousands of people have since come from as far away as Sandakan to this place located a 10-minute drive away from Keningau town to see the trees for themselves since 18th May, 6.30pm: the date and time the images supposedly first appeared and seen by Felnny Jelius, 12, who while she was inside her house, heard a voice speaking to her from above and outside.

In fact, I saw somewhere a supposed picture of Felnny but can’t recall where it is now.

Looking up, she saw the cross on the coconut tree “with shimmering lights penetrating it.” According to her mother, Nulitah Tuin, there are in fact 2 crosses, each visible from either side of the tree. Her family are Catholics, economically poor and 2 of the children, Felnny herself and Feliney, 6 are thallassemia sufferers. Nulitah has another child, 11-year old Didi, a boy.

Evin Mahap came to visit the tree at Kg Ulu Patikang 3 times and on 4th June around 6.15pm he “noticed something in front of the coconut palm.” While taking the pictures. he noticed that he “could see the image of Lord Jesus through the viewfinder but not through naked eyes.” He further said that as far as he knew, “at least six different images of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary were captured through the digital cameras of six different people.”

The paper also reported that at least 5 crosses have formed on 2 trees at Kg Masak.


Update 17th June

The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Keningau, Cornelius Piong has issued a special pastoral letter dated 12th June 2007, with the following text. Thanks to Rose for the alert.

To all Priests, Religious and Laity of Keningau Diocese

May the peace of Christ be with us all.

I write this special Pastoral Letter in view of the phenomenon happening in Kg Patikang and Kg Masak Keningau and the perceptions held by some Catholics. This phenomenon involves apparitions of a cross and Mother Mary ‘claimed’ to be seen by many people and proven with photos. However, these are only images.

To all Catholics and groups in each parish and mission, we must be cautious in accepting and believing in a phenomenon such as this. In cases like this, the Church will not rush into accepting and approving it per se.

If this phenomenon is true, it will definitely bear good fruits in the lives of the faithful and society. Among them, the faithful will be aware and fulfill their responsibilities toward God, one another and society.

In short, if this phenomenon is true, a sense of repentance will well-up among the faithful and in society. For those who have seen the images and are touched personally, well and good, for this is the effect that we are hoping for.

However, let us realise that true Christian faith is based on faith and our right personal relationship with Jesus.

He is present to us through the Sacraments, His Word, through one another and in His creation and is not influenced by ‘apparition’ as the phenomenon occuring at Kg Patikang and Kg Masak, keningau.

No matter what, phenomenon such as this must be perceived carefully and with wisdom:

i) The Catholic Church through the Diocese of Keningau does not approve it per se. Catholics are advised not to do the following: ‘donate money to the coconut tree’ (as some people may take advantage of the situation), conduct novena, pray the rosary, kneel and light candle beneath the coconut tree – these may depict false worship and shallow faith.

ii) Revelation of God is complete through Jesus His Son (Heb 1:1-2). There is no need for us to search for external signs to signify the presence of God. God is usually present in ordinary ways so much so that we fail to recognise and accept Him (Jn 1:10-14).

iii) Usually the revelation of Jesus or Mother Mary takes place on a personal basis, as in Lourdes and Fatima, not with images. Falsification may happen in religious matters.

St Paul has reminded the faithful in Corinth on deception and false apostles, “for Satan himself masquerades as angel of light…” (2 Cor 11:3, 14).

In this IT age, people can falsify many things, documents, images, etc. Don’t let ourselves be influenced. What is most bizzare is that the said ‘apparition’ can move from place to place.

Let us not be disturbed, influenced or even fooled by the various perceptions and assumptions made regarding this phenomenon (Mt 24:4).

True faith is faith in Jesus, united with Him and consistently doing His will through the Church and in our daily lives (Mt 24:13, 23).

As faithful in the Diocese of Keningau, let us continue to be united and faithful to Jesus and His Church in our daily lives, guided by our Diocesan Pastoral Theme, wanting and choosing to serve only Him, our Lord and to form our faith and social responsibilities.

Let us together be responsible in facing this phenomenon so that our actions will not give room and opportunity to others to exploit and abuse the Church, the cross and Mother Mary for personal gains through fearful threats such as ‘chain SMS’ etc.

“Eucharist: core of our culture of worship, faith formation and social responsibility.”

Bishop Cornelius Piong

The text of the letter can also be found at the official website of the Catholic Diocese of Kota Kinabalu.


Update 15th June

Video taken on 7th June 2007 starting 6 something pm of the coconut tree at Kg Masak, Keningau. Kg Masak is located near Kg Ulu Patikang. It shows what it’s like to walk to the place where the coconut tree stood, passing by the many people going back home after having a look, the people milling around the tree even though it was already getting dark, then finally the tree itself as it contrasts with the darkening sky. Apparently, for this particular tree, the cross only appeared the day before i.e. 6th of June.

YouTube Preview Image


Update 14th June

raburabu-ame wrote in her blog entry dated 12th June and timestamped 1.42pm that she visited the place late on the 10th of June and the next day too:

We went to see it shortly after arriving and it was already late but when I arrived, I could see it for just a few moments before darkness took over. I couldn’t take a picture that time because it was already too dark for even my dad’s digital camera to work. So we went back the next day. The villagers there told us that the night before, there was a very bright light, and a person resembling Jesus with His arms raised on top of the coconut tree. It happened around 10pm. Too bad we missed it. No pictures of that though, because just as people were scrambling to get their cameras, the apparition disappeared.


Update 13th June

Annie Petrus has created a photo montage of the pictures that she took. It includes pictures not previously shown on her blog.


Update 12th June

Ms Cathrine Stephen has sent me 2 new pictures which she claimed to have taken herself last week.

The 1st picture is what she titled “Virgin Mary kneeling” and dated 8th June:

The 2nd picture is of the Virgin Mary on 10th June:


Update 11th June

In the last few days I have received 2 chain SMSes with the following message [in Malay]:

AKU MARIA BUNDAMU merasa sedih dan duka melihat penderitaan manusia. Kirimkan kepada 9 orang dan esok anda akan menerima berita baik. Pesanan dari Pope m s 6-1. Kemunculan salip di daun kelapa di Kg Patikang dan di Kg Masak Keningau.


I, Mary your Mother, am feeling sad seeing the suffering of humankind. Send [this SMS] to 9 people and tomorrow you will receive good news. News from the Pope m s 6-1 (sic). The appearance of cross(es) at coconut leaf(es) at Kg Patikang and Kg Masak, Keningau.


Update 9th June

Annie Petrus Sapil, a studio photographer from Keningau has taken higher quality pictures of a coconut tree at Ulu Patikang and another coconut tree and rumbia tree vaguely showing a figure apparently at another place at Jalan Bariawa. She created a blog to showcase the pictures at stories-from-keningau.blogspot.com

Here’s one of the pics she posted which nicely shows the position of the tree at Jln Bariawa in relation to the nearest house.

Another picture from her blog which shows the tree at Kg Ulu Patikang:

Another picture from her blog which shows the crowd at Kg Ulu Patikang:


According to New Sabah Times and Daily Express on 8th June 2007, it started on 18th May.

Little bird 1 said:

  • there are 4 coconut trees in which a leaf end of each look like Christian crosses;
  • 3 of them are in Kg Masak Villa – the trees are about 20m apart. Little bird visited a tree in this village and said that after asking around, apparently the cross only appeared on 6th June;
  • the other one is at Kg Ulu Patikang, which is located near Kg Masak Villa
  • one of the coconut trees bears an image of the Virgin Mary;
  • all hotels in Keningau are now fully occupied by out-of-town people flocking to see it.

I was forwarded a set of pics from a Ms Cathrine Stephen, dated 6th June. She vouched for the authenticity of the pictures.

Image of Virgin Mary among coconut leaves

Close up image of the Virgin Mary

This one is a circular object which seems to float above the leaves. She said many believe the circular object is a “body of Christ” (= the host = a thin, round wafer made from bread and used for Holy Communion in a Catholic mass), and that even the nuns said so. She said after forwarding this picture to her overseas friends, they said it [the design] seems to be from the Roman Empire period.

A closeup view of the circular object:

Today she sent me another picture which she took herself on the 7th of June. This seems to have been taken at daytime, from exactly the same spot as the picture bearing the circular object above. Can you see the cross?

She further said on 7th of June, 2 nuns saw the Virgin Mary wearing a crown.

Little bird 2 said that a girl suffering from Thalassemia living near the tree was the first person to see the miracle, and that her ailment was found to have been cured on her next visit to the hospital.

Little bird 2 further said that apparently this is the 2nd time an apparition of the Virgin Mary has appeared in Sabah. The first was in the early 1970s on a riverbank of the Papar River. After it was “blocked from view by the authorities”, it was never seen again.

125 thoughts on “Miracle at Keningau: The Virgin Mary appeared?

  1. Ben, sia sdh jumpa gambar kelapa yg sia ambil di Matunggung. Tinggal satu lagi yg survived. i wish i cud email it to u if i know ur email address… pls help me. Thanks

  2. Sia sdh email… dalam gambar tu ada berbentuk segi empat, pokok yg dibawahnya pun mcam ada mata manusia… mungkin byk lagi dlm gambar tu… let me know if u find something different…. kay thanks

  3. Good sign for Joshua Kong to be PM soon…

    Dear friends, Jericho = GE 2008
    After a string of daily miracles in answered prayers on the way to “Jericho” on 7th October, 2008 and a battle sort of David & Goliath. A lot of hard work with love of God had been invested in the wilderness on the way to Jericho – GE 2008 collapsed like no one (opponents) was found in biblical Jericho – sort of walk over for Joshua Kong. The various feedbacks from you, I thank you for all the attention and prayers, I have this report to appreciate. Would this be read as it was the biblical Jericho to the promised land? Keep on praying, for the Grace of God is sufficient. Joshua Kong

    Petition against GE 2008 7th October 2008

    The Writ of Summons on the General Elections 2008 was up for mention on 7th October 2008 as fixed by the Kota Kinabalu High Court. The Case was filed in the Court on 25th April, 2008 and the defendents – Election Commission Chairman was served the Writ on 26th May 2008. The Peguam Negara Malaysia (Attorney-General’s Chamber, Malaysia) had acknowledged by Memorandum of Appearance dated 5th June, 2008.

    But today no representative from the PNM or the Election Commission has appeared in the Chamber of the Judge Tuan Ikmal Hishan (on behalf of Puan Noor Haflizah). Datuk Patrick Sindu who was present and I are disappointed that the case is so important for the nation that no one has turned up and that the case is adjourned to 12th November 2008 (Wednesday) for mention. We would like to thank the Judge for his kind attention.

    Actually, I went to the High Courts yesterday – 6th October 2008, to find out if everything was in order for the hearing and was confirmed so. Why is there no appearance for the defendant?

    We may ask why the disquiet over such an important national issue? What would happen if I as the plaintiff do not appear? I may have to pay for the penalty without mercy.

    We are aware that there is only a single Judiciary in Malaysia according the de factor Justice Minister – Datuk Zaid Ibrahim as he told the Dewan Rakyat (DE 22 May 2008) and so due respect should be accorded to the High Courts in Kota Kinabalu.

    I am not only disappointed for the special effort acting on my own for the preparation of the case but also the “wasting nature” in the context of the nation when the validity of the GE 2008 is under question based on the records and conduct of the EC. I have prepared for the case with great expectation to go on immediately because further undue delay for the legitimacy of the Governments (Federal & State) to be unresolved would incurred great further losses in the ongoing political instability and economic turmoil due to the questioned General Election 2008 and the earlier GE 2004 for which I had also filed a Writ of Summons for similar nature on the rigged General Elections.

    Would this be subjudice to add this? I would like to think that in a level playing ground, should not I be given a walkover and also my case is indefensible by the Election Commission when all the relevant polling records are now likely destroyed after 6 months. Maybe, the trial can still go on for all those triable issues raised in the Writ in accordance with Article 118A of the Federal Constitution with whatever records still available. I hope the EC would cooperate fully when the EC Chairman had publicly challenged anyone to go to Courts to prove him wrong and he will resign. (Nov 2007). Since he had asked for it and yet why nobody had turned up? So how can we ever have a fair and free general election under the present system where it is public interest that natural justice must prevail at all costs. To me, the case is also an exercise of national service to enhance the conduct of future general elections for the win-win scenario for the nation and all.

    Joshua Y. C. Kong
    Deputy President

    7th October 2008

  4. hmm, no hard feelings…. but scientifically, it might just a coincidence. People always believe what they want to believe, people see what they want to see… I believe the cure of her husband was a miracle, but it definately got nothing to do with what she saw on the tree leaf.

    When someone said it was a cross, then u will believe it was, and find the cross image according to what is in your mind on the tree leaf.

    Believe in God or not, it depends on individual, as long as they are free from sins. Will God punish those who not believe in Him but have a pure heart, rather than those believe in Him but full of sins (those who go go to church every week to repent)?

  5. hmm, no hard feelings…. but scientifically, it might just a coincidence. People always believe what they want to believe, people see what they want to see… I believe the cure of her husband was a miracle, but it definately got nothing to do with what she saw on the tree leaf.

    When someone said it was a cross, then u will believe it was, and find the cross image according to what is in your mind on the tree leaf.

    Believe in God or not, it depends on individual, as long as they are free from sins. Will God punish those who not believe in Him but have a pure heart, rather than those believe in Him but full of sins (those who go go to church every week to repent)?

  6. picture speak a thousand words, if you believe that is a cross, then that is a cross, some people only see it as a normal tree leaf.

    People always believe what they want to believe, people see what they want to see…

    Doesn’t matter what is on the leaf, as long as we are free from sins… thats my opinion.

    The phenomena, the cure of the paralysed I believed was a miracle, but definately got nothing to do with the tree, it was just a coincidence. Maybe it was their karma… their fate

    Will God punish those who not believe Him, but free from sins, rather than those who as if believe Him, but selfish, arrogant, full of sins and will go to church every weeks to repent, to ask for forgiveness?

    I know so many peoples are just like that, always put God in the mouth, read the whole bible and almost can memorized it, but they themselves are selfish, bully, always think that they right because they believe in God… What the use?

  7. if it’s your faith..sumambayang nopo boh..

    i kesian those who need to see things to believe or need to experience things to believe, and worst they demand miracle from God to believe. For them miracle is a must.

  8. Thank you for your opinion DA towards me:)

    Sometimes, people standing in position A will not realize their mistake until those who stand in another position gave their opinion:) Human… never see their own mistake..

    Of course peoples believe things that they seen and experienced… believing things that they didnt see I believe is call ‘percaya membabi buta’

    No one demand for miracle, miracle just come in the right time, in the right place…Believe in miracle doesn’t mean believe in God or believe the tree…

    What I am trying to say is, no matter what religion are we, as long as we are free from sins… that is the most important thing do to as a human being.

  9. No offence Mr. Kong….I think that that would be too far fetch. I’d rather pray for the government to have integrity and deliver what is due to it’s citizen. I’d rather pray for the opposition to play a leading an exemplary role to ensure the check and balances in the country is preserved. I’d rather pray for all Malaysians to love one another as God loves us.

  10. Dear Disney,

    what a name nere?

    It is no fun to pray for the same Governments after 51/46 years of no return.

    It is time for a change..

    Actually, the thiefs are doing everything to cover up their tracks with impunity…


  11. profligacy of RM15 trillions would go on like this…


    [b]PM’s residence: ’3 days rental could buy 1 low-cost house’ [/b]
    Beh Lih Yi | Dec 11, 08 6:07pm
    An opposition lawmaker has questioned the need for the government to pay a whopping RM6 million a year for the rental and maintenance of the prime minister’s official residence in Putrajaya.

    “It’s definitely a waste of taxpayers’ money. It means we are paying more than RM16,000 a day,” Liew Chin Tong of DAP told Malaysiakini.

    “We can buy a low-cost house for needy people with three days’ worth of rental for the residence,” he said.

    He noted that the government is also paying a huge sum for the deputy premier’s official residence.

    In a written parliamentary reply to Liew, Abdullah had revealed that the government forks out RM6 million a year for rental and maintenance works for his official residence, Seri Perdana.

    According to the reply, RM4,149,000 is paid as rental to Putrajaya Holdings – the master developer of the federal administrative capital – while the remaining RM1,896,616 is for maintenance works.

    The government also pays RM3.4 million (RM2,273,888 for rental and RM1,129,992 for maintenance) for Seri Satria, the deputy premier’s official residence.

    In total, this works out to about RM26,000 per day for both residences.

    Liew, the Bukit Bendera MP said the prime minister and deputy prime minister do not need such “luxurious” residences at the expense of taxpayers, and that the sum can be channelled for better use.

    “Look at No 10 Downing Street (the British prime minister’s residence), it is just a humble building. Even the White House proper (US president’s residence and office) is smaller than Seri Perdana, which is just a residence,” he said.

    The government is bound by an agreement with Putrajaya Holdings to pay the sum for 25 years, from the time the first occupant of Seri Perdana – then premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad (left) – moved into the complex in 1999.

    ‘More being paid in rent’

    Mahathir had said the Putrajaya project had been funded entirely by the private sector and that government money was not involved. He was fending off criticism over the development of the mega-project.

    However Liew pointed out: “We are now paying close to RM1 billion to Putrajaya Holdings annually to rent all the government offices in Putrajaya, and the amount is increasing year by year since the government is occupying more offices.”

    According to Putrajaya Holdings’ official website, its shareholders include Petronas via KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd (64.41 percent); CIMB Group Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd (for and on behalf of Kumpulan Wang Amanah Negara, 20 percent); and Khazanah Nasional Bhd (15.59 percent).

    The Seri Perdana complex, located in Precinct 10, is a sprawling complex that covers 16 hectares and comprises three blocks for a main reception area, banquet facilities and the residential area.

    According to AFP, Abdullah lives in the complex with his wife, daughter and son-in-law and their children.

    “It is wasteful to spend so much money on renting the prime minister’s house when the country is facing such tough times,” said opposition parliamentarian Hatta Ramli from PAS.

    “Even though the money is going back to a government-linked company, this should not be the case as the government should really own the building the prime minister occupies,” he told AFP.

    “What happens if the prime minister somehow gets evicted?”

    Chief minister of opposition-controlled Penang state Lim Guan Eng questioned the payment of rent to Putrajaya Holdings.

    “We can understand paying maintenance, but rental does not make sense,” he said.

    “This also begs the question as to who are the directors of the company and who gets all the profit made by the company.”

    RM16 mil spent on renovations

    The high cost of building, renovating and maintaining the complex has always been a focal point for the opposition.

    According to figures revealed in the House in 2005, the building of Seri Perdana cost RM24.17 million, with maintenance costing up to RM2.9 million a year. An additional RM15.81 million was spent for renovations that year as well.

    It has also been alleged previously that the building actually cost about RM200 million to build.

    In 2006, an opposition MP revealed that a whopping RM20 million was allegedly spent for the security system in the premier’s official residence.

  12. New Year Message 2009

    The Justice you want in 2009 and beyond

    Justice is a very big word in today’s world as so many are crying but little is getting it in the way to be desired. Justice is very expensive especially in restoring process of chaos when both developments are pulling in different opposing directions. The worst chaos we are in would require even more costly effort to restore justice.

    Actually it is getting worst as the world go chaos in so many ways known and unknown.

    Justice is about the RIGHT ORDERS of things, but many manipulate every situation there is, in ways unbelievable stupid.

    John N. Oswalt asserts the Hebrew word translated “justice” is in many ways the antonym of “chaos” and it is much more than legality, as ‘justice’ has come to connote in English. Rather, it has the idea of ‘right order’ in his book “The NIV application Commentary” (Grand Rapids: Zondervan 2003).

    Who can give us justice or the right orders of things?

    There is only one person since the beginning of mankind who can give us the justice or right orders of things that was started in the Garden Eden (now likely erased but so prominent reminded by the global kidnappings in Gulf Eden near Somalia or Horn of Africa).

    The Justice of God was started in Adam with the Great Commission and Creation Mandate and we have failed since Adam and Eve departed from God.

    With that mankind have done it their ways including misconstrue and misinterpret God’s Commands as religion instead of treating God’s Word as POLITICS. While we had messed it up, we had become so clever that God tells us this in his verse – “This only have I found; God made mankind upright, But men have gone in search of many schemes.” Ecclesiastes 7:29. So God’s Commands were diluted and many religions appear while politics are in terrible mix up until today we pay for it in indescribable profligacy. Feeding both politics and religions especially in theocracy declared or otherwise have been very expensive affairs and many die for them claiming martyrdom when such belief is unsustainable as God does not expect anyone to do sacrifice including dying for any cause but to live in his Kingdom for the Great Commission and Creation Mandate.

    God sends his Son (John 3:16) to be with us so that we can repent but how many of us accepted him then and so he died on the Cross for our sin as according to Isaiah 53. God again reminded us “For every high priest, being taken from among men, is appointed for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins.” (Hebrews 5:1). In this particular case, it is Jesus Christ the high priest who had done the only desirable sacrifice from God. So do we want to learn that in many religions, the practice of sacrifice including suicide bombing is abomination to God. With that evil religious practice done away, we are better off in this world.

    Why are we in disorders or not right orders and even in chaos? Jesus said “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10. So it is in order for God to send his son to die on the Cross to show the right holy order. Even Abraham was not to sacrifice his son Isaac although initially instructed by God. So why should some human beings die by suicide and for what purpose to kill others in the process?

    The world is full of numbers games. Majority in the eyes of mankind is important but to God one in support of the true God is a majority. God in his mighty spirit can transform one into thousands.

    Right now, we had two Parliamentary be elections in P44 Permatang Pauh (26 August 2008) and now P36 Kuala Terengganu or “Turun Negara” in 2009 but still within the year of the rat – a symbol of Chinese calendar. Unless the nation overcome 666 or 36, we are in deeper scenario of burden as tons of money and resources had already gone to fill up the Kuala (river plain) making the profligacy worst in 2009.

    Change to justice in Malaysia is urgent and the best justice or right order is to follow what God tell us at the Garden of Eden – obedience to the God as recorded in the Bible. Corruption and GREED (Governments’ Rampant Excesses Exploitation & Destruction) are the root causes of injustice to make the helpless Judiciary very busy with millions of costly legal cases annually.

    Many of us are involved with these activities of missions also known as Great Commission and Creation Mandate but done in the wrong perspectives or understanding. God’s Commands are POLITICS not religion. This is exactly what God means in POLITICS MISSION and his gifts in PALM – Politics At Last Mission and Ephesian 4:11. Palm (handling of things and circumstances) and Politics or God’s Command – in five digits – thumb and four fingers with the five gifts namely prophecy (religion), apostles (social relations/society/families), pastors (economy), teachers (education) and evangelist (sports & leisure) in accordance to Ephesian 4:11.

    To achieve the PALM effectively to bring the right holy orders, we need the Fruit of the Spirit as powerful in love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. (Galatian. 5:22-25).

    Let the Justice of God roll over us on earth also the Kingdom of God.


  13. God’s Commands are Politics

    The triune God breathed into Adam and obedience was the command,
    Sadly obedience was broken, the glow of light on body was lost,
    Devastatingly naked as exposed and groping in darkness as refuge,
    Misled more with many man made foolish religions as deception,
    Surely God’s love forever, as in his image and spirit in His Word,
    Assuredly His love in Word as Jesus in the flesh at Christmas,
    Sacrificially His love goes more when Jesus was to die in love
    Ironically the love repeated in foolishness by some in martyrdom,
    Praise God’s sacrifice in Jesus for us as final for all purposes.

    Daily worship God not Moses in accordance with Ten Commandments,
    Joyfully worship Jesus as the way, truth and light on earth once,
    Maturing in the Fruit of the Spirit a true pilgrimage on earth,
    Regaining the glow of redemption in the true light in Garden Eden,
    Apprehensive of the final Judgement as seated in the right or left,
    Separated by our salvation in Christ as clothed in light or darkness,
    Undoubtedly as salt and light we go on with Politics mission,
    Fulfill five gifts of religion, economy, society, education and sports,
    Accomplish the great commission and creation mandate in politics.
    Joshua Y. C. Kong of Borneo

    http://www.poetry.com/ – see the poem by my name

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