Request for recommendation: where to get ceramic tiles around Kota Kinabalu?

If you have any recommendations, it would be very much appreciated.

It’s for an upcoming house construction.

As a general idea of the price range, I’m looking for 1ft x 1ft tiles for the living room at equal to or less than RM12 per tile.


3 thoughts on “Request for recommendation: where to get ceramic tiles around Kota Kinabalu?

  1. ben, if your budget is RM12 for 1ftx1ft, then you wont be dissappointed. Kekeke.

    For my house we bought frm 2 places, Jang Lung along Jln Penampang Baru (to dongs, before the yue min roundabout) and MG Tiles (Kolombong Highway, follow going to Kolombong Cemetery, it’s behind the Shell station).

    Jang Lung is cheaper but the design is like normal and common. the same design you’d get if you go into any restaurant.

    We bought most of our tiles frm MG because of the design. it has many more choice and all design look modern. the sales assistants are helpful too. with your budget, you will have a wide range of tiles to choose from.

    pity though, their promotion just ended 19th may.

  2. Thanks for the tips, but aiyaa…. missed by a few days.

    Also, did you go to the MML Gallery along Jalan Bundusan?

  3. hehe.. u know.. because none of my friends recommended that place, we didn’t even go there though it’s near my house. better u go and survey2 la..

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