4th tourist death in a year at Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park: should we be alarmed?

63-year-old Junko Noguchi of Japan drowned in waters off Pulau Sapi on 3rd January, barely a day after 48 year old Beak Mi-Sook of South Korea died near the same spot.

All the necessary things were done: CPR by lifeguards, sending via boat to mainland, then ambulance to QEH. Same result: pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Other deaths in the past year:

20th Nov 2006: Ang Ga Yool, 8, of South Korea died off Pulau Sapi after being stung by a jelly fish;

5th May 2006: Eva Jackert, 67, of Sweden died off Pulau Mamutik.

Are these deaths caused by the sheer number of tourists flocking the Sapi, Mamutk, Manukan etc islands?

Or is there something more sinister going on?

According to newsreports, the drowning victims died in “fairly shallow” waters, only about 50-60 metres from the beach.


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