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Pictures of saved tourists of tour boat that capsized off Libaran island, Sandakan

UPDATE: sorry, the pics are having problem loading. You can see them here.


Original story at The Star and Daily Express.

The following are pictures after they are saved, which you might not be able to find anywhere else. Thank you little bird.

1. Kimberly Cinpoy, 5 months pregnant. I dont think a local under similar conditions would go for such a trip, not least due to the need for maternity clothes.
2. Kimberly, Suzanne, Prudence, Megan, Ross, Rusell & Christina at Hotel Sabah, Sandakan.
3. Kimberly (left) & Prudence the last to be saved with rep of Australian embassy, John Heath (right) on the KD Pahang vessel upon arrival at TLDM jetty, Sandakan.
4. Kapten Jamalludin Mohd Saman, commanding officer of KD Sandakan & rep of Australian embassy, John Heath (right) chat with Kimberly (2nd from left) & Prudence (2nd right).
5. Suzanne Cliffon (middle) embraces Kimberly (left) and Prudence (right) upon arrival at Hotel Sabah, Sandakan.

Yet another tourist death in Sabah, 5th incident this month involving tourists

Update 16/1/07: read in the papers about 2 days ago that the death was caused by him suffering a heart attack while in knee-deep water. But still, it happened while he was IN the water.


After the last incident, comes yet another tourism-related death.

This morning, another tourist, this time a Russian drowned while swimming at Karambunai, which is located near the 5 star resort, the Nexus.

Boris Puchkov, 59, had gone for a dip around 10am and a while later, a lifeguard at a nearby resort noticed him struggling in the water.

What is unnerving is that all the drowning deaths was in shallow waters. What is going on? Rip tide? But why this spate? The sudden increase in tourist arrivals?

The usual procedures again was taken: lifeguard rushed in, pulled him to shore, gave CPR, rushed to the Sabah Medical Centre.

He was pronounced dead 30 minutes after arrival at the hospital.

This is the 5th incident this month involving tourists, after the 2 drowning cases at Pulau Sapi, overturned bus at Papar and boat capsize off Libaran.

Someone commented that the CM and CKK need to mandi bunga now.

As for me, I am definitely staying off a dip in the sea for now.


The day when the odds of winning RM1 million is not 13 million to one

…but a mere 600,000 to one.

The odds of winning Sports Toto’s Super Toto (6/49) whose minimum prize is RM1 million is 13 million to 1. Meaning, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than winning it. Does that also mean that if you do win it, you have to be careful, because according to the rules of karma, you’re more likely to be struck by lighting from now on???

That’s what happened to Malaysia’s latest millionaire (, Abdul Razak Mat, 53 of Kelantan who was the RM1 million grand prize winner of a contest that was part of a programme held from May to November last year as part of TM’s customer reward programme to update TM’s customer database.

Apparently only 600,000 entry forms were received.

Yes, I did participate, but didnt win anything.

In fact, I have some money in BSN’s SSP program but only won RM100 so far, after having participated for many years.

4th tourist death in a year at Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park: should we be alarmed?

63-year-old Junko Noguchi of Japan drowned in waters off Pulau Sapi on 3rd January, barely a day after 48 year old Beak Mi-Sook of South Korea died near the same spot.

All the necessary things were done: CPR by lifeguards, sending via boat to mainland, then ambulance to QEH. Same result: pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Other deaths in the past year:

20th Nov 2006: Ang Ga Yool, 8, of South Korea died off Pulau Sapi after being stung by a jelly fish;

5th May 2006: Eva Jackert, 67, of Sweden died off Pulau Mamutik.

Are these deaths caused by the sheer number of tourists flocking the Sapi, Mamutk, Manukan etc islands?

Or is there something more sinister going on?

According to newsreports, the drowning victims died in “fairly shallow” waters, only about 50-60 metres from the beach.